Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cards to Relocate

by: Michael Steffes

Only for couple of weeks. According to this article by Mike Tulumello, from the East Valley Tribune,

"The Cardinals sound like they want to spend a week in the East during the season between games at Washington Sept. 21 and at the New York Jets Sept. 28. That way they can cut out one round trip across the country."

This is an interesting idea, and one that has been championed by Seahawk fans before as well, even though the team hasn't done this many years. I am actually kind of hoping the Cardinals try this, so other West Coast teams can use them as a guinea pig. The Seahawks thankfully don't have back to back East Coast games this year.

The obvious advantage to this is that the team has less travel, and their body clocks will obviously adjust to East Coast time. There are also pitfalls though too. The team would not only need to find a practice facility, but what be more important would be finding an adequate training room for the week as well. Dealing with injuries between weeks could be critical.

Also of concern is the players reaction to this. Usually NFL players are given Monday and Tuesday off, except to watch film. The players may prefer to be at home.

That said, San Diego has had to spend a week away from home twice in the last four years due to fire. They have performed well in those games, so there could be a unifying factor. Although fires ravaging the teams city is much more emotional than just trying to avoid a couple plane flights. What do you think of the Cardinals idea? END