Friday, May 16, 2008

Matt Hasselbeck & His Red Beetle

by: Michael Steffes

With a peace sign to boot! If you haven't seen this article yet, it is a must read. Not only does it profile the newest linemen, Mike Wahle, but it contains some classic Hasselbeck anecdotes. Specifically, one I had never heard, about his little red beetle.

Mike Kahn from does a fantastic job mediating a very funny running joke between Hasselbeck and Wahle. Apparently Matt showed up to his first training camp in a little VW with a flower or peace sign on it depending on who you believe. It also had psychedelic purple lights. Can you imagine Hasselbeck, Wahle and two other rookies roaming around the tiny town that is Green Bay in a little bug with hippie paraphernalia? If that doesn't make you chuckle than I don't know what will. END