Saturday, May 24, 2008

Programming Note

by: Michael Steffes

Just in case anybody is interested, I thought I would alert you all to the NFLN schedule for tomorrow. They will be showing the 90 min NFL Replay version of the Seahawks vs Bears game from Qwest field last year. It will broadcast at 11:30 AM PST and at 7 PM PST as well.

If you watch, you will see the Seahawks defense give Cedric Benson his best run of the year, but then entirely shut him down. You will see "Wrecks" Grossman knocked around like a $2 pinata, eventually fumbling the game away. On the Seahawks end, this game may make you long for the days of old, as DJ Hackett goes OFF! Also, you will see Josh Brown light up Devin Hester like few have, with a clean shot to the mouth. Even if he is a total assclown, that was still a heck of a play. One I will always remember. END