Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hawks Open Mini Camp Monday

by: Michael Steffes

Starting Monday morning, the Seahawks will open the second of their voluntary mini camps. The team will be on the field practicing Monday through Thursday next week, and then again the following week.

There are several stories worth tracking through the two weeks of OTA's. First an foremost will be the Bobby Engram situation... again. Will he be there? My gut says no. Whether or not he should be there is something that has been debated since early May.

Because of Bobby's absence, that adds to another story line, the young wide receivers. It will be interesting to see the daily reports. So far they have been very positive, even for Jordan Kent, who has seemingly made great strides. The team should have plenty of players on the field, as all of the rookies are back.

With all the rookies back, that will be something else to follow (the segues are just flowing :-)). We will hear more about the progress of these youngsters. Hopefully we will not hear any reports about players who maybe spent too much time out with friends and not enough time in the weight room. I suspect this group will come back ready to prove something, although, these mini camps are usually when we start hearing about rookie mistakes.

One of these rookies is Brandon Coutu. He is going to be engaged with vet Olindo Mare in a heated kicker competition throughout the summer. According to the informal poll, most of you think he will emerge victorious. Is that is to be the case, these upcoming weeks will be the start of it

I will chime in tomorrow with a list of players that are not expected to participate due to injuries, and other issues. END