Thursday, May 22, 2008

International Flavor

by: Michael Steffes

I haven seen much written about this, but if you didn't know, the Seahawks will be given one extra spot on this years practice squad for an international player. This is part of the NFL's International Development Practice Squad Program.

Each year, it rotates to different divisions. Last year the NFC North and the AFC's East and South divisions had this privilege. At the recent owners meeting this program was just expanded to include 16 players and four divisions each year. This year both of the West and South divisions will have an international player on their practice squads.

Only one player from this program has seen time in a regular season game, and that was G Rolando Cantu from Mexico. After spending 2004 on the Cards practice squad, he stuck around and eventually played week 17 of 2005 with the Cards.

2004 was the last year the Seahawks had this exemption and the player who spent the year with the Hawks was Christian Mohr, a defensive end from Germany. Mohr was recently on the Eagles practice squad. I will update this story when I see who the Hawks will add, but in the meantime, maybe some of our overseas readers can update us on who the stars were last year across the pond.