Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Warrick To Give it a Go Up North

by: Michael Steffes

Not for the Seahawks though. If it wasn't abundantly clear in 2005, Warrick's knee injuries have made him a step slow for the NFL. However, he may fit right in north of the border. Warrick will play for the Montreal Allouttes.

While with the Seahawks in 2005, Warrick had 11 receptions for 180 yards and 6 punt returns for 29 yards. He also had a fantastic punt return in Superbowl XL that was called back on a holding penalty that left the announcers baffled. Many calls that day did, i suppose. Warrick aslo represents the last Seahawk who used to refer to himself in the third person, which always makes for some classic quotes like this...

"I went in and had myself a nice camp. They kept telling me, 'We just want to take a look at some other guys.' I said, 'Come on, y'all have never seen me play. Call some plays for 'P-Dub'.