Monday, May 12, 2008

Checking In With Josh Brown

by: Michael Steffes

The Rams held their mini camp over last weekend. One of the big stories was Josh Brown who was making his first appearance as a Ram. So far, not so good for Josh. While he is not a "slave to the business man", he still has a dark cloud hanging over his head. Apparently it won't stop raining. He is grateful its not tornadoes. Nice.

As for actually being a member of the Rams, Brown says the team is ribbing him for beating them so many times. He is also extremely pleased to be kicking indoors. Hopefully the Seattle weather system will crank up something nasty for him September.

Not in the article, but via a source, Brown threw out the first pitch at a Cardinals game recently too. Leave it to the Rams to make a kicker their highest profile signing. Hey, "he was the best free agent at any position," right Scotty? END