Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bobby Engram Unhappy

by: Michael Steffes

Reports out yesterday said Bobby Engram missed the first day of voluntary workouts because he had a personal reason. This article by Frank Hughes of the News Tribune, sites a source that says Bobby actually missed because he is looking for a new contract.

In many ways, Bobby deserves more money. He is the most dependable Hawks receiver and that translated last year into the most production. He makes approximately half of what Nate Burleson is making and far less than Deion Branch. Bobby is entering the last year of his contract making 1.75 million. He will be a free agent next year, so if he produces again this year he will likely get a nice deal, possibly from the Hawks, depending on how the young guys play.

I can understand Bobby's reasoning. He needs to get paid as much as he can now, because 35 year old wide receivers are usually near the end. But on the other hand, he collected an equal amount of money for 06' when he played limited games. That is just how a contract works. One would have to believe that Tim Ruskell learned about paying for past production with the Shaun Alexander deal, and thus I don't expect the front office to be lining up to hand Engram more money. I would be curious to hear what he wants. Or if he shows for camp today. He may be making a short statement, but not planning on making a huge issue of this.

I can't argue he deserved more for last year, but how can anybody be sure he will continue to produce at a high level into his late 30's? In this case it seems to me that Bobby is trying to use the only leverage he has, the Hawks need for him this year because of the Branch injury, to get what he can. We will see how it plays out. END