Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Travis Brown In a New Light

by: Michael Steffes

For those of you who questioned why Travis Brown would get released after getting some positive reviews over the weekend, it can now be looked at in a new light. This is my speculation but the team wanted another wide out on the field this week.

Clearly, the Seahawks had some idea that Bobby wouldn't be around this week. By releasing Brown and adding a player like Filani, the team gets an extra set of hands who can participate throughout the week. Brown would not have been allowed because rookies cannot come back until their school has graduation.

This may not seem like a big deal, but the team needs a certain number of guys just to make the workouts feasible. The same receivers can't run every route. Filani makes 6 wideouts working out this week. That is a fairly small number for this offense

The team may have felt that keeping Brown was not worth overworking the receivers so early in the offseason. If they had really been so high on Filani, they have had plenty of opportunity to add him to the camp roster. END