Monday, May 19, 2008

Ranking Pass Rushers

by: Michael Steffes

Bill Williamson over at ESPN has written a little article today, contending that Michael Strahan is passing the torch to a new group of pass rushers. I could argue that some of these players blew past Strahan several years ago, but it doesn't matter.

Williamson uses this piece to rank the top ten pass rushers, assuming Strahan is gone. As you can imagine, a Seahawk makes the list. It is Patrick Kerney. ESPN ranks him 6th. The top 5 are Jared Allen, Mario Williams, Dwight Freeny, Osi Umenyiora and Demarcus Ware. Really!?!

I would contend that Mario Williams at two is highly overrated after having one decent season. Things might change now that he will be double and triple teamed (like Patrick) more often. Freeny too, in my mind shouldn't be so high. He was showing signs of decline before his serious foot injury. I think Ware is a legitimate top three guy, and Umenyiora surely shows the talent even if he is a bit inconsistent.

Personally, my list would have Ware second, with Shawn Merriman and Patrick Kerney in the spots of Freeny and Umenyiora, who would slide to fifth. I will let you figure em' out from there. And please, Mr. Williamson, get Jason Taylor off the list, how is Michael Strahan passing anything except AARP information to JT?