Friday, May 9, 2008

Morning Notes Post Mini Camp

by: Michael Steffes

There are several things that I have piececed together that I thought might interest you. First, the good. Gil Haskell had some things to say about the camp that ease tensions a bit...

"This is the best minicamp that I've been at, and I've been in this business for awhile," said Haskell, who begins his 26th year as an NFL assistant. "The last four days, we've worked on a lot of situations, and that's a credit to the new players and coaches. They've learned it, and we kept going."We're way further ahead than we've ever been at this point in the year."

Second, the Bad. Mike Holmgren said Seattle may add a veteran receiver after June 1. I only put this as the bad, because it is clear the team feels that the WR situation may need mending, despite all the hype the young guys have received. Also, have you seen the guys who are available or may become so? It is not a pretty list, and trading potential for "blah" does not excite me.

The Ugly. Clare Farnsworth was on KJR this morning. He was talking about his conversation with Bobby Engram. He said if training camp started this week Engram would be holding out. He is very upset and frustrated. Clare said the only thing we can hope is that cooler heads prevail. This might get nasty.