Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Nasty Nate in Studio on Total Access

by: Michael Steffes

Anybody who gets the NFLN should check out Total Access tonight. Nate Burleson is a co host, as part of players week. Apparently he was named the best dressed athlete by Maxim in 2006. He has a different custom tailored suit for every opponent. Who Knew? He is wearing his Rams suit in studio. Rich Eisen is drooling.

~~Nate believes, and he says that most players agree (he thinks) that Pacman Jones has done his time and should be allowed back in the league. He said he doesn't like the idea of the Boys getting another playmaker, but he hopes on Thanksgiving we see mostly Seahawks highlights.

~~Nate also called out Deon Sanders for not putting him in the Prime Time Plays, he claimed he was robbed that his punt return in Cleveland didn't make it. Eisen told him he has to "hold it up". Nate says he will do it, but he has to talk to Holmgren about it first.

~~Nate says being the only veteran Wide Receiver working out is hard, but at the same time he enjoys helping out the young guys, having the young guys looking up to him and asking him questions about the offense.

~~Nate says he wants to be known as a top special teams return man, but Holmgren has told him that he may not let him return kicks until they get some guys up to speed.

~~ Nate said playing for Holmgren this year is like having a substitute teacher. While he knows eventually the teacher will be gone, the info he is learning will still be on the test so to speak. In other words, he realizes that he better not be slacking off.