Friday, May 9, 2008

NFL Live & the NFC West

by: Michael Steffes

ESPN's NFL Live crew previewed the NFC West today. Here are the highlights.

Todd McShay liked the 49ers draft the best. He says that Balmer and Richal are solid not sexy.

John Clayton calls the Seahawks the most improved team in the division, citing Wahle, Solari, Carlson, and the new backfield. He says improved offense equals most improved team. If he is right, watch out NFC! Of course this prompted the studio crew to refer to Clayton as a homer.

All of this, of course, didn't stop Quadry Ismail from making the Cardinals the team to beat in the NFC West. How many years in a row have you gone with that pick? Wake me when it actually happens. Floyd Reese disagreed and said the Hawks are still the team to beat. That is why he was a general manager, and Ismail was a crappy receiver.

Please feel free to bash ESPN's knowledge of the Hawks all you want in the comments section. Their coverage is terrible. END