Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Too Old To Push A Truck?

by: Michael Steffes

Those were the days weren't they. A blog like this would have been filled with stories about how Walter Jones was going to hold out, but it was OK cause he was training by pushing 18 wheelers all over Bama'. That was then this is now.

John Clayton has included Walter Jones on his list of 10 players over 30 to keep your eye on. Walter is the only offensive linemen on the list, and joins Jamal Williams of SD as the only non "skill" guy.

So lets talk Walt. There was a two year period where he didn't allow a sack. The line hasn't been the same, but promises to be much improved this year. Is this a make or break year for Big Walt? How much strength has he really lost? There is a lot of talk about replacing him soon, but I am adamant this team will see a Jones revival this year? Anybody out there betting against it? END