Friday, May 30, 2008

Shaun Not Signing Soon

by: Michael Steffes

Bucky Brooks, who not only is an writer, but also use to be a former Seahawks scout, chimed in during his weekly column on why Shaun hasn't found a job. Brooks quotes several scouts as crediting....

"Alexander's astounding production to an ultra-talented Seahawks' offensive line that featured two Pro Bowlers (Walter Jones and Steve Hutchinson) and many pointed out that he has "lost a step" in the two seasons following his MVP campaign. "He is a good player, but you wonder how many other runners could've had success behind that line,"

One of the reasons he is having a tough time finding a job...

"As a poor blocker and a marginal receiver, Alexander offers little as a complementary player. Thus, he is viewed throughout the league as a "stop-gap" solution for a team that suffers from a catastrophic injury or has a roster full of underperforming runners during the preseason."

Unfortunately for Shaun, Brooks' assessment is dead on. As much as I wish Shaun the best, part of me wishes he could just see what the rest of the football world seems to and maybe just retire as a Seahawk. I want him to go somewhere and do well, but it will be a shame if he does it only because someone else had their season end early.