Monday, May 12, 2008

Fun With Wide Receivers

by: Michael Steffes

It looks like another low news day of the offseason. I wish there was something good to report on, but alas, instead, how bout' something fun to talk about?

There seems to be a lot of discussion on the Seahawks and their wide receivers. We could speculate on which over the hill vet might make an impact. We could talk about which players possibly could get cut during camp. Instead, how about this....

What receiver would you want to add to the 2008 Seahawks if money is no issue and you assume we aren't giving up anything to get him? So who would be your ideal guy to throw out there with the current group? To see my vote....

My vote is Andre Johnson. He is a huge bodied guy who fights for the ball. He also has a knack for breaking a tackle or two and getting some YAC (yards after catch). Also, he seems like a quiet guy. He has been in a fairly crappy situation until recently yet he has handled it very professionally. Also he has established himself on teams that couldn't protect so-so QB's. Can you imagine what he would do in an offense like the Hawks? Plus with that body, you know he can lay a block downfield for the backs as well. Who is your choice?