Thursday, May 8, 2008

Quarterback Talk

by: Michael Steffes

There has been a lot of talk on Sirius NFL Radio this morning about quarterbacks. Specifically the drafting of Brian Brohm behind Aaron Rodgers. There seem to be two prevailing ideas here. First, that this was a smart move because Rodgers is unproven. Second, that drafting Brohm was a front to Aaron Rodgers and puts undue pressure on him that will stunt his development.

How does this relate to the Seahawks? Well Tim Hasselbeck is in support of theory number two. He says that in talking to his brother, Matt would have been pissed if the Seahawks had taken Brian Brohm. Many of you were in favor of taking the quarterback of the future this year. How does this sit with you? To see more...

Obviously, Matthew is lot more secure in his position than Aaron Rodgers. Regardless, his brother seems to think he wouldn't appreciate the team putting his successor on the roster. This brings into question of how the Seahawks are handling the quarterback position. I think it is clear that Seneca Wallace is not the future starting quarterback for the Seahawks after Matt is gone. It is fair to say we don't have the needed info to access Charlie Frye yet. We will in September though.

At some point the team has to start making preparations for Matt Hasselbeck's replacement. His contract expires after 2010. How do you think the Seahawks should handle this? Do you think Matt's feelings figure into the decision? Next year the team either has to re-sign Frye or draft another QB.

I think that this is a delicate situation for the team. Developing a young guy is obviously key to sustained success, but knowing when is even more important. I think that Matt has at least 5 years left in him, and the last thing I want to see is Matthew pushed out by a young guy. There has been a lot of speculation in Wisconsin that Brett was forced out because the team wanted to give Rodgers a chance. Do you think the Hawks should use a top draft pick on a QB next year? Or would you prefer they try to strike gold on a late round pick, and in return not have a real threat to Matt's job on the roster? Thought it was an interesting topic to discuss as we hit another dead period in the Seahawks offseason.