Monday, July 28, 2008

Camp Stories

by: Michael Steffes

Here are some of the stories being written about the Seahawks Camp from this fine Monday morning. Enjoy your reading...

Dave Boiling takes a look at "Manny" Wrotto, who is not trying his hand at center. I had no idea this guy has been through so much.

Eric Williams checks in with the defensive line group. He has one piece that includes a Larry Tripplett update. He also has another, checking in with Red Bryant.

Scott Johnson seems a little surprised at what he found. Walter Jones likes coming to training camp.

Danny O'Neil wrote his daily about the running back by committee the Hawks are using. Great line...."running backs aren't a religion, you can have more than one." You have converted me. RBBC it is.

Aaron Fentress from the Oregonian wrote about John Carlson, and how the Hawks are counting on his production. The way I see it, just about anything is an improvement over last year.