Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The AssASSin

by: Michael Steffes

Just thought I would point this article out. Peter Schrager of Foxsports has written a piece on how fans have a hard time dealing when players join rival teams. Ya think?

Anyway he reviews 5 transactions from this year that are sure to increase some rivalries. Can you take a guess who made the list *cough* traitor *cough*??

#5 is called "The assassin", and of course that would be Josh Brown.

In five years with the Seattle Seahawks, Josh Brown was known by fans around the league for two things: that almost signature shaved head and absolutely slaying the St. Louis Rams.
Slaying the Rams yes, shaved head??? no. That would actually be a bald head. Fine by me anyway, we only room on this team for one bald superstar. Brown is really getting his due for switching teams huh. They can have him. They are paying a kicker 15 million dollars. That is what we gave Nate Burleson. When a kicker thinks he is the best player on your team, it is time to replace him through the draft. If I were a Rams fan, I would still be a bit concerned that Scott Linehan though Brown was the best free agent at any position. He also says stuff like this...."Logic isn't the answer, for a number of reasons." This was his answer to why he was playing an injured Marc Bulger behind a patchwork line. Great guy, but a crappy coach. Enjoy your time in St. Louis, Josh. I hope they move the team back to LA. But I'm not bitter, I promise. ~END~