Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Morning Special

by: Michael Steffes

Here are some of the links from around the web to get your read on this morning. Who still reads the Sunday paper anymore, anyway?

Danny O'Neil covers Mike Holmgren and Jim Lind's special bond. They have been coaching together for a long, long time now.

Steve Kelley thinks that we should all keep an eye on Courtney Taylor this year, just don't tell anybody in the Seahawk Addcits fantasy league. Oooops.

Aaron Fentress has chronicled the wild times of the Seahawks offseason. Let me tell you, we better watch out, clearly this team could out party the Cowboys. (sarcasm)

The Seattle Times has compiled a roundup of day two at camp. Poor Julius, he doesn't like dorm life. Aw shucks. If hotel suites worked so well, then maybe the Cowboys would have won a playoff game this decade, right?

John Sleeper of the Everett Herald looks back over the Bobby situation and surmises that Bobby is gambling that he will have another monster year. Heres to hoping it happens.