Thursday, July 31, 2008

ESPN Commits Caption Failure

by: Mike Parker

I take back everything negative I said about ESPN. Clearly, they know exactly what they're doing, as they've just proven in not one but two separate photo captions from Seahawks' training camp this week:

The first is available here, and incorrectly lists Logan Payne as "Logan Ryan." (At least the ladies are gonna love Payne's GQ stubble in that one.)

The second is here , and it lists Deion Branch as Deion Grant, and then a factual inaccuracy about Grant's health. (At least that's consistent given the Deion mix-up to begin with.)

Good to know ESPN knows what they're talking about, huh? Excessive Seahawk Pigeonholing Network, indeed.

On a less-disgruntled note, here's a great write-up on Steve Vallos by Clare Farnsworth. Some of you have been mentioning how it's great that Vallos is getting some reps with the first-team offense in because of the insurance policy value he'll hold if anything else happens to Spencer or Gray, and I couldn't agree more. -END-