Friday, July 11, 2008

Running Game Projections

by: Michael Steffes

Part of the Pro Football Prospectus is also individual projections. It seems that there has been some debate lately about how the running backs are being projected. Because of this, I thought I would post the PFP projections for the Seattle running game, along with some 07 totals.

As you can see, PFP projects a slight improvement in average and yards. They did not provide projections from Leonard Weaver which slightly skews things. As they have it without Weaver though, the team is still averaging more than 100 yards per game. They don't show much improvement in the pass catching stats of the backs; however in their writing they praise Julius Jones' ability on screen passes.

The biggest improvement is in the touchdowns. This seems to project the Hawks being able to pound the ball on short yardage. To me this is the most important improvement that needs to take place. Even if the team doesn't run substantially better as a whole, converting the short yardage will dramatically improve the teams consistency and number of wins. Last year they let a few slip away because they simply could not get a yard, when most needed, in the fourth quarters of games. ~END~