Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New Photos of VMAC

by: Mike Parker

This might not be breaking news or anything, but there's a series of really nice shots of the Virginia Mason Athletic Center posted on the team's Website here.

The first meals are reportedly going to be served on Aug. 17, so we can obviously expect a team move-in date somewhere around there. (You honestly think Owen Schmitt and Red Bryant are gonna turn down free food? C'mon.)

And also, on a more personal note - the land of Microsoft has been sucking up my time over the past couple weeks, as I just got hired here as a writer/communication specialist. Getting up to speed on everything is currently whipping my ass for eight hours a day, so until I get more settled in, the Gonzo could be a bit more quiet than usual.

Fortunately, however, I should be officially settled in here at the Evil Empire right in time for the Hawks training camp, which means Michael, Chris and I will be bombarding you all with more updates on all things Seahawks than you could possibly ever want.

I don't know about you, but I was one of the ones who voted "yes" on the "Has this off-season seemed longer than usual?" poll. -END-