Saturday, July 12, 2008

Signing Draft Choices

by: Michael Steffes

There has been some concern expressed in the comments section about why the Seahawks top draft choices haven't signed. I thought I would pass this along.

John Clayton has unearthed part of the problem. The NFLPA is holding up the process. They are seeking a decision by a special master about how guaranteed money can be paid out to first and second round choices. Follow the link, John Clayton explains it better than I ever could.

Either way, what will probably happen is that once a few mid first rounders sign, it will set the slotting. Then you will see a rash of players signed in the days leading up to their respective camps. In the past the Hawks have often signed their top picks a day or two before camp starts. They will probably strike a deal with Red Bryant and Owen Schmitt a bit before that. I don't personally expect any holdouts, but you never know. Negotiations are tricky because of the owners choice to opt out of the CBA, leaving financial uncertainty on the horizon. ~END~