Sunday, July 27, 2008

Teams Survives the First Day of Contact

by: Michael Steffes

Matt Hasselbeck was back and in form for the second of two practices today. After a morning practice that saw Mike Holmgren get hostile, "Holmgren was in better spirits in the afternoon following a much improved offensive effort."

One of the concerns over the last few months has been that once the hitting started, the young wide receivers may not look as good as they have with no contact. That isn't the case for Seahawk Addicts favorite Logan Payne. After wrestling a ball away from Marcus Trufant in the morning, he regrouped after a swipe by Kevin Hobbs to make a great catch in the afternoon.

One guy who the youngins may want to keep their eyes out for, is Jamar Adams. His hit on John Carlson, causing a fumble, was noticed as the best hit of the day. Carlson and Payne are probably both familiar with Adams aggressive play, playing against him in college every year. But I wouldn't worry about the Auburn boys too much either, I am sure they have a seen their fair share of nasty hitters in the SEC.

There were also questions over the offseason about a certain 250lb running back. Well, not that it would take much, but apparently he isn't going to be content being left out of the rotation. RB coach Kasey Dunn says...."He's making a lot of things happen right now. He's been a real surprise coming back into camp,"

Jeeeez, and some people wanted to cut him before he even got to hit anybody. I hate to say it, but I told you his name would come up when the contact started.

Expect some new names to come to the front tomorrow, as the afternoon will be dedicated to special teams. Owen Schmitt.... can we call your name? ~END~