Monday, July 28, 2008

Improvements Continue

by: Michael Steffes

One of the big stories from the morning practice was that Leonard Weaver was blocking, and blocking well. This is an aspect of his game that needs improvement over last year. This is a good sign. Several reports mentioned that he de-cleated Leroy Hill. Clare also included that Weaver was out after practice continuing to hone this skill.

Frank Hughes is back and he included some snippets from a talk with coach. Holmgren informed that he told both Jones and Morris that they would be sharing carries. The intention seems to be to ride the hot hand. I have no problem with these guys splitting carries. Chances are they will both be dinged up at points in the season, and being able to spell each other is a good thing. Frank also mentioned that they have TJ Duckett learning both fullback and halfback. Why would be a logical follow up question. With Weaver and Schmitt, do we need Duckett playing FB as well, especially when it is a new position for him. CONTINUE ON AFTER THE BREAK...

Speaking of Duckett, Dave Boiling mentioned that TJ had his best practice as a Seahawk yet. Look, there was a reason that Tim Ruskell has tried to acquire this guy for two years. Also, Mora clearly had no objections. TJ Duckett is a football player. His biggest problem seems to be that people want him to fit into a specific mold, and he just doesn't. Once again, he is being told he doesn't have a role. Hopefully the team won't be afraid to find him some work this year, because when he gets a chance he generally produces. He will have a role next year, count on that.

Injury updates include that Courtney Taylor has a tight hammy, Kerney will remain out for a few days, and Spencer and Gray should be back in 5 to 7 days. Taylor will be fine, but he is starting to remind me of DJ Hackett. Little injuries tend to sit him down a lot. Thats OK, more reps for Seahawk Addicts favorite, Logan Payne, who continued to impress today. He received high marks from every reporter.