Thursday, July 31, 2008

Brandon Mebane Write-up

by: Chris Sullivan

Friend of the blog, Danny O'Neil has another quality write-up, this time on my favorite addition to the Seahawk Family of 2007 - Brandon Mebane. The quotes in this thing are just fantastic, read the whole thing, but here's a sampling:

"Remember when Fred Flintstone used to work at the quarry?" guard Mike Wahle said. "There were all these gigantic rocks sitting around. That's like Mebane when you run into him."

So, here's a question for you guys out there in Seahawkland: Who will be the biggest Seahawk addition this year? I think everyone, other than me, would say that Kerney had the biggest impact on the team last year, but I think Mebane was a not-too-distant second place. Will it be Carlson or Jones? What about my boy Red Bryant? What do you think? ~END~