Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Scoop on Bryan Gilmore

by: Mike Parker

Jose at the Times had a chance to catch up with NFC West veteran receiver Bryan Gilmore in a story today.

When I say "NFC West veteran," I really mean it when speaking about Gilmore. The guy originally signed with the Cards, spent four seasons there and then later joined the 49ers after a run with NFL Europe. (I'd reall love to hear some team names from that league - Paris Pulverizers? Venice Vigilantes? Madrid Murderers? Hell, I have no idea.)

Gilmore's sudden phone call last week came as a big surprise, he said in the story. His aim now is to get his legs back under him and do what he can to get a roster spot, but it seems competing with Captain Payne the Human Vacuum is going to be anything but easy.

And here we were all thinking we needed to draft another receiver or trade for Roy Williams. Bah! I for one think our receiving game is going to have safeties staring behind them in shock all year. -END-