Tuesday, July 15, 2008

'Boys Ink ex-Hawk Hamlin to 6-year, $39M Deal

by: Mike Parker

Hawks ex-safety Ken Hamlin agreed to terms with Dallas today, reportedly signing a deal worth $39 million over the next six years.

Maybe he had a Pro Bowl-worthy season in '07, but I think we can chalk this up to another hasty signing by Jerry Jones. Hamlin all but disappeared in his last year with the Seahawks two seasons ago, and was a member of a secondary that later got all but rebuilt with the signing of Deon Grant and Brian Russell.

Hamlin is a decent player, but definitely not a Seahawk. He's more along the lines of what Ruskell wanted to get rid of, and I think that was mainly due to off-the-field and attitude-related issues. Granted, he isn't a Jerramy Stevens-level Assclown, so I think the 'Boys got a better deal than, say, the Bucs did. (Yes, I went there.) -END-