Thursday, July 17, 2008

Defensive Back Ratings

by: Mike Parker

While we're on the subject of discounting the credibility of ESPN, I thought I'd add more fuel to the fire and see what everyone thinks.

The experts at ESPN - which I think should actually stand for Excessive Seahawk Pigeonholing Network - have ranked the Seahawks at No. 6 in defensive backs for 2008.

That might seem like a pretty damn good number, but considering the "experts" at the network are riding the Cowboys' jockstraps raw, it's no surprise they turned up at No. 1 overall. They're followed by the Raiders at No. 2.

Yes, those Raiders.

"The Raiders have the best duo of starting cornerbacks in the league with Nnamdi Asomugha and DeAngelo Hall."

When I read that sentence, I actually put down my beer and stared slack-jawed at my screen for a second as if the chick from the end of "The Ring" started crawling out of it dressed in a Tony Romo jersey.

Hall and Asomugha are decent enough to be effective in the Raiders' deep field, but putting them above names like Trufant, Jammer, Sanders and Samuel makes the writer look like a raving dunce.

And I know training camp hasn't even started yet, but it really seems as though ESPN has been smoking more crack than usual during this off-season. Or maybe they made friends with Travis Henry. Either one, really. -END-