Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Who is #5 on the Defensive Line?

by: Michael Steffes

I touched on this briefly yesterday and it is getting some attention this afternoon. The fifth defensive linemen is one of the really interesting position battles to be watching right now. In fact, I am sure that teams around the league are watching it as well, wondering who might become available.

Tubby hasn't gotten on the field yet, but two who are our there are Larry Tripplett and Howard Green.

Danny O'Neil mentions that Tripplett was getting a lot of penetration today. On a side note, I appreciate that Danny includes this type of info, because he mentions it was Tripplett's penetration that led to DD Lewis laying wood on Julius Jones. Often, it is not the person who makes the big hit that does more than his job, but someone else who worked their tale off to set it up.

As for Howard Green, Frank Hughes mentions that he practically swallowed Justin Forsett today after coming through the line unblocked. He also mentions another sequence in which the line played poorly, however this is contradicted by Gil Haskell who said he liked the way the line run blocked today. Haskell also threw some praise TJ Duckett's way, which is becoming almost as common as someone mentioning Logan Payne.

Both reports mention Charlie Frye looking good, despite an interception to Kevin Hobbs. Frye is going to be fine. I am interested in what all of you going to the scrimmage have to say about his play.

One other thing of note, is that Will Herring remains on the non-football injury list. This is going to become a problem. Linebacker was thin group to begin with, and Herring was supposed to take a key role on special teams. If this isn't resolved soon, start taking note of teams where a veteran linebacker may become available. Also, Wesley Mallard, who would fill both roles as well, is not practicing. ~END~