Friday, July 25, 2008

More Fantasy...

by: Michael Steffes

Ok, the Seahawk Addicts Experts league garnered more excitement than I could have ever expected. It is totally full. In fact there is interest in doing a second league, so if you got left out, don't frown. Hopefully SA #2 will be coming soon, as soon as I find a commissioner.

Also... I have started a Salary Cap league. This has unlimited registration. If you aren't familiar, the way it works is that you can pick any players you want, you just have to fit them under a salary cap. There is unlimited registration because players can be used by many people.

The Salary cap league is through TSN. Here is the link to sign up. After you create your team/profile, select "Join an existing league". Then it will allow you to search for the league. The league name is: Seahawk Addicts General. The password is: superbowl. I am looking forward to getting as many as we can in there. The best part is that if you do well, TSN hands out prizes. Wooo Hooooo!