Saturday, July 19, 2008

TSN Thinks Highly of Hawks New Guard

by: Michael Steffes

Following along with the second round of TSN rankings, this time from the more capable War Rooms scouts, it looks like the Hawks may have gotten a nice deal this offseason.

He was the Hawks' first signing, and it already seems like he's been here for years. But our own Mike Wahle ranks as one of the top guards in the league; Number six to be exact. The good news is that we will get to seem him take the field and show his stuff in a couple of weeks. At that point we can judge for ourselves. Till then, #6 looks pretty good.

Now consider this....four of the players ahead of Wahle on that list (Brian Waters excluded) average 6 million or more annually. The Seahawks even offered that type of money to Kris Deilman who spurned the Hawks last year, and here ranks 8th. Patience paid off and Ruskell jumped on the opportunity to acquire Wahle and then signed him to a cap friendly deal averaging a mere 4 mil per, with the backend money driving up that average. Ahhhh, the benefits of being a well run, winning organization. And hopefully one capable of opening a running lane again. ~END~