Wednesday, July 16, 2008

NFC West Rumor

By: Chris Sullivan

So, there may not be much to this, but I was listening to ESPN Radio this morning (streaming to my phone from Baltimore). As it was located in Baltimore, they were, not surprisingly, talking about Terrell Suggs who was not signed to an extension. One of the issues they were raising was a possible trade to the Cardinals for one of their WRs (I can't remember now if it was Boldin or Fitzgerald).

Question for you -- How would that change the NFC West picture? I know it wouldn't be much, but that would seemingly represent a shift for the Cards to a more defensively focused team (wait, are they a focused team at all currently?).

Second question -- What would be the best and/or worst hypothetical trades within the NFC West? Hass for Alex Smith? Lance Laury for Patrick Willis? Kind of a stupid question, but have fun with it. There's not a lot of news out there today, but hey, 9 days til training camp!!