Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Trusted Voice

by: Michael Steffes

No offense to the other guys who write on a daily basis about the Seahawks, and maybe it was just because he did his job so well, but when Mike Sando takes note of something, I trust it.

That is why his most recent report on his way out of Kirkland is so promising. He has put up a special post talking about the prognosis of the Seahawks line.

He says Solari and Deboard stood out as "difference makers". He also mentions a defensive player who has already noticed a difference. Oh boy... this is going to be a good year!

Also, Clare Farnsworth, another guy who knows his stuff has given his 2 cents on a lot of the hot button topics. Check it out. He has backed my idea of a short yardage tandem of Duckett and Schmitt, something I started touting two months ago. It sure would be fun to see. Anyway, two days of camp and no serious developments. The rooks are in and participating and optimism is high. Lets hope it continues. ~END~