Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Top Hawks Not in the Hall

by: Michael Steffes

I often find articles on a site called Bleacher Report. They pop up in my never ending quest for Seahawks news. Anyone can write for this site, and usually the articles reflect it. However, there are two written today that are well thought out and worthy of some discussion.

Tom Jackson has listed the top 5 Seahawks who are not in the Hall of Fame. He is dead on in his analysis. I think all of these players should be in, except Dave Krieg. However the case can be made for him and I understand where that line of thought comes from.

Also, Jackson has written the top 5 reasons the Hawks can win the Superbowl. He makes some points that seem to be made here over and over. Can't argue with any of his reasoning on this one. Thanks to Phillip for sending this link to me as well.

Anyway, I am dealing with some heavy non Seahawks stuff today, I have a sick dog and I am having some problems with insurance companies that needs my attention. Some idiot totaled my car, there are two witnesses who both gave accounts that he was in the wrong, and I still can't the other guys company to admit fault. I have to go take pictures and stuff. Hopefully, this will keep the chatter buzzing. ~END~