Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Morning Practice

by: Michael Steffes

Sounds like another spirited practice out in Kirkland. The writers are already talking about the offense having its struggles, which probably isn't a good sign. However, I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt for now, because they are facing one heck of a defense.

One thing the offense needs more of is an aggressive attitude. Sounds like one of the new acquisitions is bringing that. Both Hughes and O'Neil mention Julius Jones lowering his shoulder and sending Babs airborne. This is going to be one of the added benefits of having two (or three) tail backs. These guys need to run hard, and keep running hard, or they risk losing carries. MORE AFTER THE JUMP...

One thing Danny focused on, which i love to hear, is the play of Brandon Mebane. He is giving Mike Wahle fits. Part of it is that Wahle is tall for a guard and Mebane short for a tackle, but regardless, with Mebane and Bernard, the Hawks are going to disrupt some pockets from the inside. That is the quickest way to give a QB fits.

From Franks account, we get another D-Line update. It seems Red Bryant is slowly creeping up the depth chart. He is now running with the second unit. The real battle amongst the tackles will be for the fifth spot. Usually the team only keeps five. Right now that seems to be between Tubbs, Tripplett, Chris Cooper and Howard Green. The team could keep 6, if Cooper is one of them. He can play end as well, but the team doesn't exactly need extra bodies on the edge right now either.

Clare mentions that Leroy Hill is coming to play. No surprise there. This guy is a gamer, and now he has a season to show the world he deserves life changin' money. Although Clare mentions that the team will likely have to keep 5 running backs. He also said that Duckett had a good practice. They are far more likely to try to an slip Owen Schmitt to the practice squad than cut Duckett. Remember, only a few teams use a traditional fullback, so that may be a possibility; despite the hype Schmitt has received.

Other things of note from the morning practice are that Courtney Taylor IS hurt, Carlson is taking some heat from coach, and Charlie Frye is looking good so far. That makes all of you on the Seneca Wallace for receiver bandwagon happy.