Monday, July 7, 2008

Too Early For 09' ??

by: Michael Steffes

It is official folks, things are slooooooooooooooow. Anyway, here is something i was reading today, the 2009 Mock Draft. They have the Hawks going...

G Duke Robinson
WR Brian Robiskie
RB Javon Ringer

While I don't necessarily disagree with those picks, here are some of the players that I am looking at for the Hawks early in this process.

SS Taylor Mays- He would be a GREAT replacement for Brian Russell down the line. And drafting a star safety might be the way to go if none of the UDFA look like starters by the end of the year.

LB Brian Cushing-
- I know, I know, two SC guys right off the bat. Anyway, if the team doesn't re-up with Leroy they will probably use their first rounder on a stud linebacker. This guy would be higher if he wasn't overshadowed by his teammate Ray Maualuga.

RB Marlon Lucky-
- this one is tricky because the offense may change a bit, but Lucky is big(220), fast (4.3-4.4), and plays in WCO. He catches the ball very, very well. He is never going to be a superstar back in my opinion, but will be solid in every aspect of the game.

OT Alex Boone--
Tough for me to mention an Ohio St guy, but this guy is versatile, good, and has started in the Big Ten for several years. The only question will be how athletic he tests out at, especially if the Hawks are planning on using Zone blocking from here on out.

Feel free to chime in. Especially you college football guys. Who do you like? What positions do you think the Hawks will be addressing next year? Have at it ~END~