Saturday, July 19, 2008

No Room for Josh Wilson?

by: Michael Steffes

I found this a bit a interesting. PFW has posted a new blurb about the Hawks. It references Mike Holmgren's comments that the right corner position is going to be an open competition and suggests that while Kevin Hobbs won't beat out Jennings, he will take Wilson's spot as the dime corner. I assume they are penciling in Jordan Babineaux as the nickel.

It would be easy to go back and say that the Josh Wilson pick was a mistake, especially if this comes to fruition, but there are two things that suggest otherwise. First... no one was expecting Kevin Hobbs to come on like this. If he continues to play well, it will be like putting on old jeans and finding a $20 in the pocket. Most of the time, good corners are taken high not signed off the street.

Also, in going back, it is ridiculous how top heavy the 07' draft appears at this point. The best player taken after Josh Wilson is Brandon Mebane. Few stars have yet to emerge from that class, so it is hard to point a finger and say there was a better move. I suppose the Hawks could have taken a WR, but they seemed to do ok at that position later on.

Having too many good corners is a luxury. Hopefully, even if he loses his Dime role, Wilson will contribute on special teams. When you have a guy who runs 4.3, the team can usually find something for him to do. ~END~