Sunday, July 27, 2008

Let the Hittin' Begin

by: Michael Steffes

Things are going to start taking shape as of today. That is because the Seahawks will begin full contact practices. Now that the pads are on we can hope to start taking note of how the running backs are really doing. With that I suppose we can also better gauge the men upfront, on both sides of the ball.

I will being doing a better job summarizing the practices from here on out, and giving some commentary on what is going on. These first two days have been a glorified mini-camp. Today, football really starts.

Another position we will get a better read on is safety. CJ Wallace made the team last year based on his hitting. The question here is whether the young guys play well enough for the team to feel comfortable keeping Babs at corner. Clare Farnsworth seems to believe Babs is destined to be the nickel corner, with Wilson and Hobbs battling for the dime spot. I am not sure. I think the team would prefer Babs at safety at this point, but if either Adams, Wallace, or Johnson plays well, then all is up in the air again. Regardless, the teams secondary is one of its strength. Most teams are looking for defensive backs, the Seahawks are trying to find spots to play them all. ~END~