Saturday, July 26, 2008

A bit of news from around the division...

by: Mike Parker

While it seems things are finally easing back into normalcy in Kirkland, the sheep dung appears to be nearing the fan in St. Louis.

Just days after losing defensive tackle Claude Wroten for the entire season to an drug suspension, the Rams' ace running back Stephen Jackson was a no-show at the first day of training camp.

Jackson is entering the final year of his contract and wants an extension - a more "long-term deal," according to what Rams owner Jay Zygmunt and coach Scott Linehan were discussing.

With Anquan Boldin refusing to play anymore for the Cardinals, a pair of known control freaks in a situation just waiting to explode on the coaching staff in San Francisco (Nolan and Martz), and now the Rams' latest debacle with Jackson, it seems like the Seahawks' opponents this year might be too busy reenacting episodes of "Days of Our Lives" than finding the time to actually play football.

This might be really fun to watch. Now that Carlson's signed and we can all rest easy up here in the Emerald City, I think I'll rather enjoy sitting back during the next few weeks and watching the carnage unfold with our disgruntled division rivals. Call it "digital rubbernecking" if you want. (I was going to call it "cyber-necking," but that just sounds disturbing.) -END-