Monday, July 21, 2008

Linehan Never Ceases to Amaze

by: Michael Steffes

I found this little snippet, and I am not sure how to react to it, so I thought I would pass it along and see what you all thought. This came from the St. Louis Post Dispatch...

Linehan spent much of his down time during the past month at the family log cabin in rural Washington, a mountainous area about 90 minutes east of Seattle. He went bike riding with his sons, got in some fishing and a little golf.

He bought a pickup truck in St. Louis and drove to Washington. He didn't want to rent a vehicle in Seattle, because part of the rental fee helps pay for the Seahawks' home stadium — Qwest Field. The last thing he wanted to do was help subsidize a division rival.
First off, I must say that I am impressed Linehan would take the rivalry to this length. However, this pretty much fits in with the reasoning we have seen good ole' Scotty use in the past. Did he think that the stadium was going to suddenly disappear if rental car use dropped? I am pretty sure that he is not really subsidizing the team at this point. Maybe it could be considered paying back the residents, you know, the ones who will scream louder if they are pissed. Isn't Linehan a Seattle guy anyway? Whatever, maybe he just needed a long soothing drive to think about whether or not he can stomach another 3 win season, followed by his eventual canning. At least he will have Josh Brown to console him. ~END~