Thursday, July 24, 2008

Seahawk Addicts Experts League

by: Michael Steffes

Ok Folks... I have opened the can of worms. I have established a 16 team, Seahawk Addicts fantasy football league. Obviously, 16 people is not a lot, especially when you consider that Sullivan, Parker, and I will be three of the teams. However, anymore and you would see people like Justin Forsett getting drafted. I am looking to start a salary cap league that will have unlimited enrollment for all to play. That will be coming soon.

In the meantime... Here is the deal. If you want to play, great. Here is what I would prefer. That you are a regular commenter who leaves their email as part of their comments. I think that this will leave the spots for the long time Seahawk Addicts hard cores. I hope to do a weekly post about the status of the league...maybe. Now I am not trying to be exclusionary, I love you all. So if you have been a long time lurker/reader who doesn't comment, just email me and tell me your story and I will try to get you in. For those whose screennames I know (w/email) just leave a comment in this post.

The league will have two divisions, with the top three from each division making a three week playoff. The league is through fox. Once I have the players, I will send out the invitations. In the meantime...if anybody knows what salary cap league would work best for a large population, but still keep us separate from everyone in the world, please tell me. Hope you Fantasy Folks are ready, cause I don't like to lose!

By the way... my team has already been named. The Leavy Conspiracy...08 Champs!~END~