Friday, July 25, 2008

Lofa and Rocky Answer Questions

by: Michael Steffes

After what appeared to be a pretty nondescript afternoon practice, Lofa Tatupu and Rocky Bernard faced the media for the first time and answered questions about their offseason incidents. This has been written up nicely here by AP writer Gregg Bell.

Lofa continues to take the right approach, saying...

"I'm still the same guy.Not necessarily something you want to have associated with your name, as I've worked so hard to have my name in a good light. I'm going to do everything I can to earn the trust and respect back, to restore it."
Rocky handled things a bit differently...
"I'm just glad it's over with," Bernard said. "It's over and done with, so I'm just glad to put that past me and move forward, really."
As a Seahawks fan, I am also glad this is behind us. Hopefully this is the only offseason in which we have such a barrage of starters in trouble with the law. It is what it is, nobody is perfect. If they turn these unfortunate events into learning experiences...well that is all we can ask. ~END~