Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Offseason Goodies

by: Michael Steffes

Someone has a big smile on their face. Give up? Its me. I got the Pro Football Prospectus in the mail today. Happy times.

If you don't know, Pro Football Prospectus is the book that is put out every year by Aaron Schatz and the rest of the Football Outsiders guys. Great, great stuff. You get info in this book that is literally just no where else.

Take this little nugget that I quickly found that may surprise many, especially of those with less than fondness for our d-coordinator.

The Seahawks ranked seventh in plays rushing 6 people, and a staggering 4th in plays rushing 7 players. Not quite as conservitive as many think huh.

Anyway, I will be throwing up nuggets from this masterpiece as I get time to sort through it more. It is a grand 490 pages. But for now, here are the mean projections for wins for 08 of several key NFC squads.

Your Seattle Seahawks....10.5

AZ-- 7.5
StL--5.1 "a healthier Rams o-line should mean a rebound in fantasy football, but in real football, improvement requires a defense" Classic!

PH--11.7......NYG 9.6......Dal--8.1
Tam--10.3.....Car--9.5......NO--8.3 ~~END~~