Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hasselbeck Comes Up Lame

by: Michael Steffes

Lets hope it is nothing serious, but it was noted in several places. He wasn't hit, so maybe he just twisted an ankle or something. This is a story to follow in the afternoon session.

Also, as Eric Williams notes, who should be commended for the job he is doing filling in for Hughes, Mt. Holmgren went off today. Dropped passes and missed assignments do that to him every time.

Patrick Kerney also left the field with a sore left calf (From Clare's Report). Looks like the first day of contact wasn't so kind to the Hawks.

Chris Spencer continues not to work. He is the only starting linemen not out there working. For one I am worried about how things will be when he gets back. He can't afford to be missing this time while the unit is gelling together. If I were Spencer, I would be worried about my job too. The Hawks are giving him every chance, but he cant even get on the field.

In other notes... Julius Jones can block, Carlson can stretch a seam (Clare's player of the day), and Josh Wilson is claiming his spot in the secondary. These are all BIG improvements over last year.

Also, Clare's report details a great play by Logan Payne. This is almost S.O.P. these days. Eric and the TNT keep referring to him as a human vacuum. The sky is most certainly not falling. ~END~