Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ram, Claude Wrotten gets 1 Year Suspension

by: Michael Steffes

And it starts already. The paper thin Rams just lost a player they were counting on for their defensive line rotation for the season. Claude Wrotten has been suspended for the year due to a substance abuse violation. This is according to Mike Florio at PFT. Adam Carriker better be ready to play tackle and hold up over a whole season or the Rams could be in trouble. They almost lost Fakhir Brown on a similar suspension, but luckily (for them) he won the appeal.

I am not a professional NFL talent evaluator or anything, but I am betting if the Rams could have do-overs, they might seriously consider Glenn Dorsey. I mean he was the beast (intentional Fruedian slip) player in the draft. ~END~