Sunday, July 27, 2008

Get'em while they're fresh!

by: Chris Sullivan

Hey there sports fans, just so you all know: your jersey is now an antique! Okay, okay, that's not necessarily true, but it is if you own Julian Peterson's #59 jersey (or if you're way cool and have the original, printed in error #44 jersey, a la Madden 07). We'd heard rumors and mentioned them on the blog awhile ago that JuPe was looking to change his number, but it is official. Julian Peterson is now #98. Don't be a slouch, you know you want it! I double checked with the Seahawks' website, in case you're concerned.

In case you're wondering, Baraka Atkins took #59, which if he can play half as well as Peterson should earn him a starting spot in no time flat! ~END~