Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Center Position, Clearly an Issue

by: Michael Steffes

It has been tossed around here for several days, but the Seahawks center crisis is getting some notice. PFW has posted this blurb. Essentially, it covers the facts. Spencer and Gray are out, Vallos and Wrotto are getting the snaps. This should be remedied in a week or so. In the meantime, I thought I would give you my impressions.

Clearly the team would benefit from having Spencer taking reps with the rest of his starting mates. Gray sitting out doesn't bother me a bit. He knows the line calls. He has seen every situation before. Spencer doesn't have that luxury. However, in the grand scheme of things, I consider the Hawks fortunate. Ask Tony Dungy and Peyton Manning.

In a way, having Vallos take the first team snaps is really good for the team. While it is nice that the Seahawks have a first round center, a rarity, it is not a necessity that centers come from great pedigree. In fact, often guys like Robbie Tobek end up in the Pro Bowl, despite his QB making fun of his athletic ability. In a way, having Vallos take all these snaps helps create an insurance policy. If Spencer doesn't get it, or gets hurt, at least there is some familiarity. In a best case scenario, Vallos shows the coaches he is one smart cookie and capable of running this line. Now then we would have some depth, right. If you want more on Vallos, Clare Farnsworth has done a nice piece on him for tomorrow. Check it out.

Anyway, I know you have been dying for my 2 cents on the centers, so there you have it. ~END~