Monday, July 14, 2008

The Sporting News Gets it Right.... Amazing

by: Michael Steffes

We have chronicled the NFC position by position rankings of the Sporting News on this site. Too often it seemed as if there was a massive man crush on the entire roster of the Dallas Cowboys. However, there seems to be some defectors.

The scouting wing of TSN, also called the War Room, has released quarterback rankings. This is overall top to bottom regardless of conference. In fact, this is as close to getting it right as us Seahawks fans can reasonably expect.

Matt Hasselbeck ranks 6th. He is behind Ben Rothlisberger, which can be debated, especially if you believe a QB's primary function is in the passing game. However, he ranks ahead of Romo, Favre, McNabb, and Garrad. These are all QBs that the pundits love, but simply aren't were Hass is right now. Brees is fourth, but many agree here that he is a talented QB, even though I think most of us would prefer Hass.

Hasselbeck a top 4 or 5 QB. Incredible. We had to wait for it, but it is worth it. It has been a pleasure to watch him come this far. Hard work pays off kiddies. ~END~